Happy Christmas to All!

Hi teacher friends!  One more day to go for us here in Washington!  Yay!

Today we readaloud “The Night Before Christmas” in our groups during our reading celebrations.  We LOVE to ask the kiddos questions about the book before, during and after.  This takes on new meaning during this celebration because the sweetum’s answers keep the teachers laughing most of the morning!  So just in case you didn’t know…….

*The reindeer’s names are Hasher, Trasher, Marshall, Glancer, Basher, Bob…and the ever popular Cuba!

*Santa gets back UP the chimney by putting his finger INSIDE of his nose, and giving a nod! (This one even came with a demonstration by this little sweetie…oh yeah! Cue teachers in stitches!)

*And….Mrs. Claus’ jobs are never ending!  She watches t.v., cooks cupcakes, hot dogs and gingerbread, goes shopping for Santa’s presents, sweeps, and is busy writing a song, but we don’t know what the song is about yet.

So there you go!  Consider yourself informed from the mouths of babes!  And here’s our own little version of the poem for you.

‘Twas the week before Christmas break, and all through the school,
Children are running with glitter and glue.
Teachers are frazzled with Starbucks in hand,
Trying to control this wild band!

A world of holidays is up for display,
and the teachers are hoping for a two-hour delay!
Presents for parents are ready to send and….
Teachers are dreaming of not having children to tend!

Merry Christmas teacher friends!  Lindsey and I wish you all the best this holiday season and good health and prosperity in the coming New Year!

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