Gingerbread, Gingerbread!

Hey everyone! Lindsey here…

A couple weeks ago I posted about our gingerbread weeks {click here to see that post}. WELL….we just wrapped up our whole unit and I wanted to share with you our results:)

Our main goal was writing our own gingerbread version. Boy, oh boy! They LOVED it! This unit always gets their creative juices going because we read so many different versions that they realize they can choose anything they want to be their character. We had the traditional boy and girl but we also had some that were a little different…

Not everyone has finished their stories yet…even though we have been working on them for TWO WEEKS! Who am I to rush their creativity I guess…We also have a football player who is being chased by Russell Wilson…I can’t wait for that one to be finished:)

We were also working on comparing and contrasting and problem and solution while reviewing beginning, middle and end.


If you are looking for some good versions, I have two new faves that I just discovered this year. 

These are great versions that really help the kiddos to start thinking outside of the normal gingerbread box:)

We used our gingerbread passages as an assessment this time so that the kiddos could compare and contrast two versions of the same story. Click HERE to see those passages.

Finally, to wrap it up we made gingerbread houses. CRAZY!!!! 22 kiddos, I know I’m lucky to only have 22, hopped up on adrenaline fed by sugar and Christmas all rolled into one. Let me tell you…every year we finish gingerbread houses I think to myself “This is ridiculous. Why do we do this???” But every year we do it again. They just LOVE it!


Now that we are over the gingerbread excitement we can move on to the excitement of ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT!!!! This week will fly by and we are going to be studying the holidays around the world. We rotate classes and each teacher takes on a different county or holiday to teach about. The kiddos love it. For the last couple of years we have used Holidays Around the World with Globe Trot Scott by a Year of Many Firsts. It is an AWESOME unit! If you are looking for a unit, I recommend this one. Click HERE to get it:)

This year I am also excited for our holiday passages. Many of the books about different holidays are really hard and the kiddos can’t access the text on their own. Now that we have created our holiday passages they can access the information on their own which I am VERY excited about:) Click on the pictures to check them out.

You can get all the passages in one neat bundle…

Or you can choose certain passages that would work best for your unit…



I hope that you all have a calm {one can hope right?} week:) Or at bare minimum, let’s hope we all survive!! FIVE MORE DAYS!!! FIVE MORE DAYS!!!

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