Assessment, Assessment, Assessment….

Hey Everyone! Lindsey here.

I’m popping on the blog tonight to give you a little peek at my assessment notebook. A few years ago my team worked hard to put together a notebook that contained all the information we would need on our students when it came to reading. We often have to meet on our kiddos and it is SOOOO much easier to just grab a binder and flip it to the kiddos information. So here’s what I have.

I know, I know…it looks worn. I think this is my third year using the same binder. We like to call it…well loved.

First up we have all the ELA cores. We keep them in the front so that we can reference them when needed…although I think I use the app on my phone more so maybe I should get rid of this section…

Next up….alignment documents.

We don’t have a great reading curriculum. Not many of the teachers use it, so a few years ago our school created this alignment document. This outlines what grade level is going to master what phonics strategy. It’s helpful to keep us all on the same page so our kiddos don’t have any holes.

This is our DRA alignment page. This shows the levels by grade and tier. This was created for us by our Title team and it is AWESOME! Such a quick reference for when you are assessing and tiering kiddos.

Next, each student has a divider. The first thing behind their tab is this tracking sheet. This is where I have an overview for each student. This tells me where they are on their Fry words, WPM score, DRA and progress monitoring assessments, as well any other areas that they are qualified in. I also have an area where I can write and track their focus for instruction.

Then each student has the Phonetic Elements Assessment. This was also created by our Title team. This is broken down into each element and the grade level it is typically mastered. If you like this, you can head over to our Facebook page and get our freebie. While it is not this same one, it is similar and works the same.

Followed by this we use our Fry word lists.

These are also great because they help me to track the students’ goals when is comes to mastering their words. I have my students working on five words at a time. Having this at my finger tips helps me to keep on top of what words they are working on.

Behind their Fry words I keep anything else the pertains to their learning. This could be notes from meetings with our Title team as well as copies of their IEP’s with accommodations.

In the back of the notebook I keep extra copies of the Fry word lists and our fluency assessments. I also keep copies of goal sheets for when I need a little more direction on where to take a specific students’ instruction.

These goal sheets are awesome and are a great reference to keep close. They come from the Fountas and Pinnell book Continuum of Literacy Learning.

There you have it! All the ways that I track my kiddos when it comes to reading. It seems like a lot of work but it is really helpful to have all their information right in front of me. I keep it with me every time that I meet with the students so I can keep it updated.

I hope you all have a great rest of your week:)

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