Five for Friday!!!

Happy Friday!!! You know what time it is…

We are linking up with doodle bugs teaching for a little five for friday action.
Okay, okay…I know that five for Friday is supposed to be about the current week but this is only one week late…I think it will be okay:)
This girl started Pre-K!! Boy, they grow so fast!! I LOVE her preschool so I am so excited for her to start another year!
Now, unfortunately I had to work on her first day since we were only a couple days into school. So I put her daddy in charge of the pictures. I made the sign, which I got from Cara Carroll. So cute, right?!?! You can get it here. Anyway, I put daddy in charge of pictures. I was expecting a picture. Now, she starts school at 8:45. 10:30 rolls around and still no picture…11:30 rolls around and still no picture. I text him during my lunch and say “hey, where’s the picture?” This is the response: “Well, you see…” Are you kidding me?!?!?! He had ONE job! So these pictures were taken after school on her first day. It still counts, right? I think I will let him off the hook. I also think that I have to make sure I take her first day of kindergarten off…
Speaking of my husband…do you know what I came home to today?
SERIOUSLY!!!! This pumpkin cookie was DELICIOUS!!! Now I really can’t be mad about the whole picture fiasco! This came from our local bakery. Holy smokes!! It was delicious! Now, we are planning on starting the whole30 on October 1st. I think we are going about it the wrong way…it seems we are eating worse now just because we know we are going to be eating better…hmmm…oh well because that thing was so good!!!
As you know, my mom, the other half of 2 Literacy Teachers, works at the same school as me. She is a reading intervention teacher and they have not started pulling their groups yet since school just started. So, that means I get her in my class to help me do some assessments. 

Here she is giving one of my kiddos their Fry word assessment! She’s so awesome! Just saying…I know you’re jealous that you don’t work with your mom:)

This week we started by making connections. I am really into Margo Southall’s  differentiated lessons. This week we used her connection stems and practiced making connections to Ron’s Big Mission. 

After we worked on connections as a class, I had the students break up into groups of two or three. They chose a book and began writing their connections while using the stems.

The kiddos LOVED this! They came up with some pretty good connections! We will be using Debbie Miller’s lesson on how to make meaningful connections soon, but for their first attempt I was pretty impressed. Have you read Kel Gilligan? The kids LOVE it! It’s pretty funny and I thought this connection was hilarious!

Finally, we finished our week looking at character traits. We started with Ron from Ron’s Big Mission. Then we moved on to Camilla Cream from A Bad Case of the Stripes.

We talked about outside vs. inside traits. Then we created a poster that showed different character traits and whether they were outside or inside traits.

I didn’t realize until I uploaded this picture that I didn’t actually finish the lettering on the poster…obviously something distracted me…oh well. The kids use the poster and that’s all that matters right?….I’ll probably fix it tomorrow…it bothers me too. 
Finally, we talked about how traits can change throughout a story, while still focusing on inside and outside traits. 
Then the students worked with their own book and found the traits of the characters from that book. Next week, we will review and then assess. 
Let’s end this week with a little peek…
We have another passage bundle coming!!! Woohoo!! More Fall themed passages! Our hope is to have this finished up this weekend or by early next week. Hope you all like it as much as our other passage set!!
I hope you have a great, restful, weekend:)

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  1. Donna
    September 19, 2014 / 11:54 am

    You're so lucky your mom works at your school! My mom lives an hour away but still helps me cut laminating, make centers, and sews things for me whenever she can!
    Learning at the Teacher Table

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