Rosa and Ruby…We’re Talking About Main Idea

Hello friends!! Happy Sunday to you! I’m hopping on the blog today to share with you what’s happening in my classroom week.

Last week, we focused on Dr. King. This week we are moving on to Rosa Parks and a little of Ruby Bridges. We are also going to start finding the main idea of a paragraph.

To get ready for this week, we actually started this past Friday. We have been working on comparing and contrasting two topics. We used two extension passages, one on Rosa and one on Ruby, to compare and contrast them. We haven’t taught anything on these two ladies so we could assure that the kiddos were using the passages to actually compare. (Click HERE for the extension passages.)

This week we are jumping into Rosa Parks and her amazing story. We are going to start by watching the Brainpop Jr. video on Rosa Parks.

I try to mix as many input sources as I can, so it’s not just me blabbing up their in front of the kiddos, and Brainpop Jr. is great for that!

Next up, we will jump into some anchor texts for the week. We are looking at the biographies of these ladies.

We are going to be using Each Kindness in morning meeting to talk about kindness to everyone and what that looks like in different areas in our lives.

As we read through these biographies, we are going to be focusing on 2 things. The first is completing our Important People Book.

Now, I saw a book similar to this but when I went back to get it I couldn’t find it!! This is one I made because I loved the idea so much! Since it wasn’t my idea I can’t offer it to you, but if I ever find the original again I will make sure to share it!

The second thing we are going to be working on is main idea. I wish I had an anchor to share with you but I haven’t made it yet, since I make it with the kiddos, and I don’t have a picture of the one from last year. BUT, I am going to do this amazing craftivity from Amy Lemons’ Black History Month Pack (click HERE to get). This Rosa Parks main idea bus is PERFECT!

For Ruby this week, we will only get to reading a biography and adding her to our Important People Book. However, Amy’s Black History Pack also has activities for Ruby Bridges in it:)

We are going to end our week with an assessment on finding the main idea of a paragraph. For this, I just took a paragraph from a Scholastic News and added a place for the kiddos to tell the main idea.

For this assessment, they are going to highlight the main idea in the paragraph and then write the answer at the bottom. Pretty simple:)

If you are looking for more passages and activities to add to your guided reading groups and literacy centers this week, make sure to check our our Freedom’s Heroes passages set and our Black History Quick Reads.


I’m off to grade some papers and do some laundry. Woohoo! Fun Sunday around here:) Have a great week everyone!

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