Five For Friday

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday!  Whew this week whizzed by, but boy am I glad it’s Friday!  Here’s a little Five For Friday peek into this week, thanks to Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching!

This week’s theme:  What the teacher wants!

1. The teacher wants music to soothe the soul.  This is the first grade boys bathroom.  It is located right across the hall from my office.  Notice all of the tiles.  They make for some fine acoustics, I tell ya!  Those first grade boys know that too! So pretty much each morning round about 9:15 or so, I am serenaded by a future tenor while he takes care of business!  It’s pretty hilarious and makes me giggle. Unfortunately, I serve 5th grade boys in reading group during that time and they find it hilarious too! Ugh!  Quite the distraction from our deep thinking about reading.  But……it makes me smile!

2.  The teacher wants a good snack!  You know….when you are reading through page after page after page of reading intervention plans, AND you’re analyzing page after page after page of running records…you just need a good snack!  My fave….Murchie’s tea from Canada….one of the finest out there and I highly recommend it, AND snowballs.  I almost went into a deep depression when Hostess went out of business, but thankfully you can’t keep a good snowball down and they are back! Yeeesssss! They make me smile!

3.  The teacher wants to celebrate as much as possible at work!  Don’t you just love that we get to celebrate all of our staff member’s joys in life?  One of our beloved staff members just became a Grandma for the first time, so today we are going to shower her with this basket to welcome her into “The Sisterhood of Grammy’s!” .  It is filled with all the things a Grammy needs to have at her house.  Shhh…’s a surprise, so don’t tell her okay?  Celebrating the joys of life….makes me smile!

4. The teacher wants to feel pampered and beautiful!  That’s why I love Birchbox and Ipsy, and thankfully they came this week.  They were filled with a new eyeliner, a perfume by Cartier, an exfoliant for fine lines and wrinkles, a serum for fine lines and wrinkles, a lotion for fine lines and wrinkles…..wait a sec….are they trying to tell me something?  And a “lovely” metallic tangerine eyeshadow!  What the heck?  Fine lines and wrinkles do not go well with metallic tangerine eyeshadow!  Hey, maybe I should try it?  Maybe I’ll start a fashion trend in the over 50 set at work? Now that makes me smile!  Oh sheesh! Can you just picture that??


5.  The teacher wants to finish stuff on our TPT project list!  Thankfully, we finished two of them!  Check and check!  That only leaves 1062 more items to do!  Ha!  Kidding! It just feels like it.  So hey…if you need some leveled A – I Quick Read Passages for reading centers, guided reading groups, independent or partner reading….or anything else…we’ve got ya covered!  Just click the pictures! Crossing things off the to do list makes me smile!

So there you go!  A little peek into the week around here.  Hope yours was happy, too!  Now I’m off to blog hop and see what you all were up to this week!

Happy weekend friends!


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  1. Unknown
    January 22, 2016 / 11:32 pm

    That boys bathroom story is too funny!! Good job finishing up some projects. I also did that this week 🙂 It feels good!

    The Land of I Can

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