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Happy Friday friends!! Lindsey here. I am so excited to link up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for one of our favorite linkys.

SNACKS!! We had a particularly rough week on my team. I am SO lucky to work with my momma and one of my besties who provided me with some snacks to lift my spirits. Two of my favorite snacks are Snoballs and Flipz. YUMMY!

We had a DOWN POUR this morning!! It was crazy! So, of course, we had a rainy day recess. My kiddos this year are AH-MAZING! This is a snapshot of their activities. They were so QUIET! I have NEVER had a class that is so quiet during rainy day recess. They are just such a great group of kiddos!

Okay. So my daughter started Kindergarten this year. Her school district doesn’t have a common assessment. I know…it was a lot to digest for me. SO, being the teacher-momma I am, I bring home some DRA’s. I just can’t let her go through school without a common assessment! I need to know she’s where she should be…

Oh my goodness…so I have shared before that we are reading the Washington State Children’s Choice books. These are a set of books that are chosen, and then all K-3rd teachers read them to their kiddos. Then, the kiddos vote for their favorite and we find out what was the number one book for the grade level, school and state. Well, this was one of the books we just read. It is SO AMAZING! It’s about two friends and one of them doesn’t have any food in her fridge and her mom doesn’t have any money to buy some. Her best friend finds out and tries to sneak some of her own food to her friend. It is such a great story of friendship and kindness and compassion. Definitely a good one!

You are looking at 8 weeks worth of lessons and activities for 2 of my guided reading groups. Well…the masters for 8 weeks. I have to make the copies. But notice that they are so nicely organized AND post-it noted with how I need to copy them:) I’m half-way on the ball, now to copy and prep. I love these sets! They are sequential and also include assessments, phonics and sight words. They start at level A and finish at H/I. So if you started at level A and worked your kiddos through each set, you would have guided reading lessons for 48 weeks:) Sounds good to me! Click HERE to check them out.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Amanda
    January 30, 2016 / 1:47 am

    Inside recess looks like fun! I like those moments when you look around and thing "wow, this is amazing" when they are all quiet and on task. Have a great weekend!

    A Very Curious Class

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