Tuesday’s Tip and a FREEBIE!!

Hi Everyone!  Hope your week is going well!  We are on the countdown to our Spring Break!  3 more days, oh yeah!

Today we have a freebie for you!  Do you have some children who just don’t seem to learn their sight words, phonics words, any words….in the time frame that you would like?  Here is a little something that I made up when I was teaching firsties.  We had sight words that students needed to learn each week.  They were tested on Fridays.  Most of my students who struggled with reading, just never seemed to learn their words during practice in the class, and many had parents who only spoke Spanish.  The parents were more than willing to help their children; they just didn’t know how.  So, with the help of our school translator, (Yep, we have one!  Yay!), I made and started using word necklaces with both my English and Spanish speaking students.  Each week I would write the words on the necklace that my struggling students needed to learn. I did not use them for all students, but you certainly could. I tell ya, it was like magic!  The parents were so happy to be able to have something specific to help their children with, and almost all of my students started learning their words each week.  Now that I am doing reading interventions all day, I still use these with some of my students.  I even use them with third graders (although I don’t make them into necklaces for them.) They’re such a simple little thing, but work so well!  So if you have students who are not learning their words, you can grab yourself a set of these necklaces/bookmarks/cards click on the picture or click here!

Have a great rest of your week everyone! 


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