FREE Index and Ideas for Using Our Leveled Passages and Leveled Quick Reads

Hey teacher friends!  We are just popping on the blog today to answer some questions we’ve received about how we use our leveled passages.  We’ve also included a freebie Index of all of our Leveled Reading Passages and Leveled Quick Read sets to make your planning easier.  The index will be updated each time we post a new set, and we have lots more on the way.  So here we go…

1. How do you use the leveled passages sets?

We use them in our guided reading groups.  We typically use the leveled passage sets for one week out of the month, but sometimes for other weeks, too.  We choose the topic that matches the season or holidays we are studying during that month.  The rest of the weeks, we use our school’s reading curriculum materials and our own guided reading sets called “Ready, Set, Go – Guided Reading.”

We also use them when teaching a theme.  For example, if we are learning about rocks in science, we teach the vocabulary to our students as a whole group with the provided materials, then they can each read and research about the topic at their own level with the passages. They can also answer the provided text dependent questions either alone or with a partner, after reading.  Before or after reading, we can then use a whole group activity to respond to or record our learning.  Several are included in the sets.

2.  How do you use the Leveled Quick Read Sets?

We use these in our reading centers.  We wanted a way to be able to provide even more reading practice for students, on the current learning topic or theme and at their own levels.  So we put them into our reading centers.  Each student gets a booklet of the passages at their independent level.  They read a passage each day and complete the text dependent questions that are included in the sets.  They also write about their learning at the end of the week.  Lower level readers and writers can use the included Picture Dictionary mini poster to assist with their writing.

3.  What are other uses for the leveled passages and the Quick Read Sets?

Thanks to all of your wonderful feedback and comments, we have learned that teachers LOVE these and are using them for many things in addition to guided reading and centers.  They have told us they use them for:

*Differentiated teaching to meet all of their students’ needs.
*Teaching during their observations. Principals love differentiation because it is a highly effective teaching strategy.
*Pre and Post-tests for various CCSS, TEKS and reading strategies.
*Teaching NF reading strategies.
*Teaching how to close read.
*Teaching how to answer text dependent questions.
*Teaching topics and assessing their new learning.
*Partner reading and learning.
*Providing “just right” materials to “up” the minutes that students practice at their own level.
*Tutoring by parent volunteers.
*Buddy reading with older grade students – “cross age peers”
*Sub plans

Want to see them in action?  Check out our previous post here, or any of our leveled passage theme teaching posts on the blog as well.

And the FREEBIE!  Our index lists all of the Leveled Reading Passages sets and the Quick Read Sets that we currently offer, side by side.  This makes it easy to see how they go together and will make your planning easier.  We are working fast and furiously to make sure that all leveled passages sets have levels A – M and that there are Quick Read Sets to go with the topics of the Leveled Passages sets.  As we finish new sets, we will update the index, too, so check back often for the latest version. Click here if you would like a FREE copy.

Let us know if you have any questions!  We love connecting with you!

Happy Teaching!

Kristin and Lindsey


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