Tuesday’s Tip – An Easy and Cheap Way to Prevent Summer Slide and a FREEBIE!

Hey there teacher friends! We’ve all heard the stats of what happens when kids don’t read over the summer….the dreaded summer slide!  We’ve been told by the experts that a child need only read six books over the summer to prevent the slide.  But what if they don’t have books that are just right for them, or any books at all?  We would all love to buy 6 books or more to send home with our kids as a summer gift, but that’s a lot of money.  Here’s a way to provide “just right” reading for your students that’s much cheaper….use leveled passages!

Today I began making Summer Reading Practice Packets for the students in my reading groups.  I am focusing on sending home packets at a “just right” level for the first and second graders that I work with.  Included in the packet is a mix of fiction and non-fiction passages that are exactly matched to the student’s independent level.  It’s such an easy way to provide reading practice that they can read all by themselves.  Also included is a Reading Bingo sheet with lots of different ways and places to read, just to up the fun! When I pass the packets out, I also show them the awesome gift bag full of surprises..no you can’t peek…. and goodies that they each will receive when they return the finished packet to me in the fall. They love it, and best of all, they have reading practice that will help prevent the summer slide.  If you need a summer packet cover or a bingo sheet, you can get free copies HERE. If you need leveled passages, you can check some out HERE.

Hope this idea inspires you to send home “just right” reading practice for your students!


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