All About President’s Day!!

Tell me you agree that it should be illegal to have Valentine’s, 100th day AND President’s Day in the same week!?!?! Crazy!! We are lucky to get a FULL week of mid-winter break this year, instead of just a long weekend. BUT, that means we had to do President’s Day this past week, along with Valentine’s. Here’s a look at how we learned about these great leaders:)

We started off with George Washington. We only had three days to actually learn about these fellas, so we had to get to work first thing Monday morning. We spent the day learning about George Washington. Then, Tuesday we spent learning about Abraham Lincoln. I gave the kiddos a note page for each so that they could write down facts about each president. We watched a Brainpop Jr. video for each president, too. They are my kiddos favorite!

We then read a biography and added to our notes about each president. Here are the facts that we wrote down for each president. (AHHH…sorry for the horrible pictures:( I tried to fix them the best I could)

After we wrote our notes, we made our craftivites. The kiddos had to write down what they thought was the most important information about each president. Then we made the crafts! I can’t take credit for these super cute crafts!! The George Washington craft came from A Cupcake for the Teacher, click HERE to get it. The Abraham Lincoln craft came from Amy Lemons, which you can get by clicking HERE. Check them out! There is so much more included in each of the resources!

We also worked in a little writing piece. This is one of my favorite writing activities! I love when the kiddos get to write  “what they would do” prompts. They always come up with the BEST things! I had the kiddos write about what they would do if they were president. They had to come up with one law, one thing they would get and one way they would help others. I had some whoppers! I had a kiddo who would buy a phone and a monkey, and a phone for the monkey. This one is also a good one…

“make the weather man say there will be a rainstorm of candy.” I guess I should have clarified that you need to actually be realistic! We also had to squeeze in an assessment this week. We have been working on main idea the past couple of weeks. We separate this from supporting details, which we will add in later. We used this What Does the President Do? passage as our text. You can get the passage, the writing prompt AND much more, including leveled passages on each president, by clicking HERE. (Note: the assessment question is not included)

There you have it! We managed to cram in so much this week that I am REALLY looking forward to a week off:)

I hope that you all have a fantastic week and a fabulous three day weekend!!

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