Five For Friday!!

Happy Friday friends!!! Lindsey here and I am so excited to link up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for my favorite linky:)

STOP THE PRESSES!!!!! Candy cane kisses are back!! These are my very favorite and I love them and I may have three bags at my house. My hubs and the kiddos love them too:) If you haven’t had them you do not know what you are missing!!!!

We had a pretty big storm up here in the PNW on Tuesday. Well…it knocked out power all over the place including most of the schools in my district. SOOOO….bonus day off in the middle of the week for us! Now, what did I do with all this free time???? Well…I went to Target and their dollar spot was on POINT! So many cute things but I was with my husband who told me “If you have to think about how you would use it then you don’t need it.” I think I will go back when he’s not with me:) Look at these super cute pencils and erasers I snagged to go with the books I got my students. 
Yes… I got so many they couldn’t all fit in the picture…gotta get them when you see them:)
Also on Wednesday, I got my 6th Stitch Fix. Now, I haven’t had a whole lot of luck with Stitch Fix. I think that the most I’ve ever kept from my box was two things. THEN I got this box!! Let me tell you, it was like this stylist was in my head! I kept the whole box including this super cute top and vest!! I think I will try to keep this fabulous stylist:)

These books can only mean one thing…GINGERBREAD IS COMING!!!! I love our gingerbread unit! The kiddos really get into it and they get really excited when I read a new version. We end the unit with the kiddos writing their own version and they always turn out so cute! I just love this time of year:)

JUST POSTED!! We just finished our Rocks and Minerals Leveled Passages set. We had a request for this set as well as a solids, liquids and gases set, which we are working on. If you teach rocks and minerals or the rocks FOSS kit, these passages are a great way to tie your science into your reading block. There are 6 levels for each passage which allows for you to differentiate for all the kiddos in your class! Click HERE or the picture to read more about them.

I hope you have a fabulous, restful weekend!! And hey, you only have a couple days next week! We can do it!!

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  1. SDNana
    November 21, 2015 / 1:54 am

    Love the kisses! Have you made the treats with a mini pretzel on the bottom, peppermint kiss on top-put in the oven just long enough for the kiss to get soft and then put a green M & M on top? Very Christmasy and delicious!

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