All About Those Character Traits!

It’s Wednesday!! Whenever I think of Wednesday I always think of the camel!

Seriously!!! Whoever thought of this is a genius! LOVE it!

Anyway, today I want to share with you how I have been teaching character traits. This is all to precede RL 2.7 where the kiddos have to be able to use pictures and words to demonstrate an understanding of characters, setting or plot. Now, I have always struggled with teaching traits. The kiddos always get them confused with feelings and it’s always a bit frustrating to me. This year I turned to Pinterest and I found AH-MAZING ideas from Kady at The Teacher Trap! She is a genius and broke down the ways to teach traits and help the kiddos with their confusion.

I used her posters and then put a little bit of a spin on getting the kiddos to respond.

I started with Kady’s first poster. We read Ron’s Big Mission and talked about outside and inside traits. 

NOTICE the connection the kiddos made!! Little celebration!!!

Once we focused on outside vs. inside with Ron, we moved onto Camilla Cream from A Bad Case of the Stripes. With this one I had the students brainstorm a trait and tell how they knew Camilla had that trait.

I am in NO WAY an anchor chart person! I wish that I had the talent to make them super cute but I just don’t. It would take me WAY too long to make them as cute as everyone else can, but as long as the kiddos can access it and understand it then I’m not really going to worry about it:)
With this part I was okay with the emotions. I wanted them to understand the process before we separated the emotions and the personality traits. 
Today we went through the emotions vs. traits anchor chart. Then we read Enemy Pie and the kiddos did the same activity that they did with Camilla. This time that had to use a trait and not an emotion. Let me share with you my favorite one, “The character was BRAVE. I know this because he didn’t runaway when he went to knock on Jeremy’s door.” WWHHAAATTT?!?!?!? I did a happy dance with that one!! I wish I had pictures BUT I was so busy that I totally forgot!!! Hopefully next week!
If you want to check out Kady’s awesome post, click HERE🙂
I hope that you all have a great week!!!

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