Tuesday’s Tip

Hi everyone!  How’s your week going?  Very well, I hope!  You know how I know that summer is on its way? The weather is warmer, the birds are singing, and…….the kids are totally distracted!  Who can blame them?  They aren’t into learning right now.  Maybe it’s all that testing the state does, or maybe it’s just spring fever!  Whatever the case, it’s that time of year when we need to kick fun up a notch or two to keep the kiddos engaged and motivated.  So here’s an oldie but goody that I’ve been using this week to keep kiddos excited about learning.

These kiddos are working on reading words with inflectional endings, correctly. How to keep them motivated?  Let them use the word cards (any word cards) to build a road.  It can be curvy, it can be straight, it can be any which way they would like.  Then give ’em cars, letting them choose their fave color of course, and have them drive along the road, reading the words as they go.  They LOVE it! Some times we have the Grand Prix, during which they have to read all of the words correctly with no help! Whoever does it is a winner! (Of course they can all be winners…it’s no fun to only have one winner!) The winners get a little “award ribbon” sticker that I have, but any sticker would do, or even just the fun of being a winner is good enough, too!  Anywho…it is a fun way to learn that sure gets my kiddos engaged.  Give it a try if your kiddos are a little tuned out.  It’s a lot of fun!

Have a great week everyone!


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