Five for Friday!!!

Hey everyone!!! Phew…this has been a whopper of a week and I am worn out. Good thing it’s my favorite time of the week…FIVE FOR FRIDAY!!! I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching to share with you my week.

Don’t let this smile fool you…this girl is sick! She’s got the sick hair to prove it! She had a nasty bug this week and was throwing up. YUCK! Poor thing…nothing is worse than your little girl being so sick! Good thing she’s got a snuggle buddy! We are very fortunate that my husband works nights and can stay home with her during the day. The good news is…she’s perking up! I give her a day and she will be back to 100% and ready for her birthday this weekend:)

This week we are focusing on 2D and 3D shapes. This was my kiddos favorite activity:) Any time you let them be creative AND have food…they are hooked. My purpose was just to teach them the difference between a 2D and 3D shape but they took it further by trying to make and name different 3D shapes. Success!!

After reading Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites by Marcia Tate, I really wanted to start having “families.” I love to have my kiddos work in groups but I really like the idea of having the same groups and having them build a responsibility for each other. So this week we gave it a go. We have four families. Each member has a job, hence the tags, and they work together to solve problems, make sure everyone gets it and provide support for each other. It’s been great! They are really getting comfortable with each other and asking for help from each other. I wish I would have started this sooner (palm to face moment)!

I have decided that Earth Day is one of my favorite days!! I LOVE how involved the kiddos get! They really take to heart what we talk about and try to make a difference. Plus, The Lorax is one of my favorite books and we spend a lot of time discussing it and doing some reflective thinking. I do think that Our Tree Named Steve may be taking over as my favorite. I almost cried the first time I read it! Of course, I was pregnant at the time…I pretty much cried at everything:)

Yippeeeeee!! Erin Condren is having a teacher appreciation sale…25% off!!!! So, I HAD to order my plan book for next year. I mean…it’s on sale so I HAD to do it now:) You can tell you’re a teacher when you get excited about a plan book…

I hope you all have a wonderful, restful weekend!!

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