Spring has Sprung!

Hey everyone! Lindsey here. I am popping on the blog tonight to share with you our newest passage bundle. I know I have told you before, but I LOVE these passages. Seriously…they are so easy to use and prep and my kiddos love them. PLUS they have good content vocabulary that can go across any spring themed idea you are teaching.

So let’s dive in so you can get a good look at what’s included in this Spring had Sprung bundle. This bundle has 7 different topics. As always you can all 7 in a bundle…

Or, you can pick and choose the ones that you would use when you buy them as singles…




Click on any of the pictures to head to the product.

As with all our passages sets, each topic has 6 leveled passages, A-I. This allows all students to access the same information on each topic at their level.

Each passage topic has a text dependent question page, vocabulary cards and a vocabulary and sight word game. These are common in each one of our passage sets.

We also like to make sure that the kiddos have a place to keep track of all the new vocabulary that they are learning. We have included 2 different vocabulary dictionary pages. Here is one of them…

We are vocabulary nuts around here…who isn’t these days????? So we also included a new version of our vocabulary whack it game called Splash! You know that as soon as you ask the kiddos to whack something they are automatically engaged…I’m not sure if the whacking is a good thing but it works so I will take it!!

One thing that we always try to do when making these passages is include content that is relevant to what classes are working on. We LOVE Scholastic News in my class! Many of our passages also align to the current Scholastic News which allows students to really dive into their vocabulary words and have their skills reinforced.

We hope that you find these passages useful. They have so many purposes and are a really great way to get your kiddos reading! Happy Tuesday my friends!

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