St. Patricks Day!

Happy Sunday everyone!!! Do you realize that we have one week of February left????? Where did the month go? In preparation for March we’ve got a new passage set.  Let me share with you what you can find in this set.

Here’s a preview:

This set has three different topics: St. Patrick’s Day, If You Catch a Leprechaun and Lucky the Leprechaun. As with all our sets, there are 6 different levels for each set, A – I. The great thing is that you can use the text dependent question page with any of the levels:)

This passage is H/I. We have also included a leprechaun finder (magnifying glass) that the kiddos can do for a fun, engaging activity. They can use them to search for those tricky leprechauns, or use them to find the vocabulary words in the text:)

As with all our sets, we have also included our vocabulary cards and our vocabulary and sight word game. Let me tell you…my kiddos LOVE the vocabulary and sight word game! That’s all they ever want to play. What’s also great with these three passage sets is that a lot of the vocabulary overlaps which gives them a lot of repetition to really help them retain those words:)

Yes…I realize the definition for rainbow doesn’t match. I promise the definition is in the stack. I didn’t realize they didn’t match until I added the picture…FAIL. If you didn’t notice that in the picture, pretend you didn’t just read this:)

Back to the topic…

We decided to add an extra vocabulary game with this set. This game is the same as bingo but it is called Lucky-O, because it’s more fun that way:)

This game is played with the vocabulary definitions. The kiddos read the definition, or the teacher can read the definition, and the kiddos have to cover the word. There are 6 different boards included and a blank one, just in case you want to make more:) This game includes the vocabulary words from all three passage sets. Another great way to provide that repetition and exposure to those tricky words.

Click on any of the pictures or click HERE to get the St. Patrick’s Day passage set:)

Now I’m off to tackle my massive pile of laundry and get myself ready for the week. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday evening:)

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