Passages galore AND a freebie!!

Hey everyone, Lindsey here. I am stopping in tonight to tell you about ALL the passages we have available. We have been working our little tushies off to get some new passage sets available that fit the time of year!

All of our passage sets have 6 levels of text, A – I, for each topic. Also included, text dependent questions page, vocabulary and sight word game, vocabulary cards, vocabulary practice page, vocabulary exit slips and vocabulary dictionaries. We have also included some special activities specific to each set.

Let’s start off with winter. Now, I know that many of you have been having snow days and cold days so these would be great for you! The rest of us can use them and dream of a snow day OR at the very least a late start. Boy, do I wish!

This is our newest winter set!

Here are all the passages that are included in this bundle JUST in case you want to get them separately instead of in the bundle:)




Now, I use these passages with my reading groups. Well, I also use them with my whole class, BUT I love them with my groups and my new favorite thing is the word game we included in this winter set. Snowball Whack-It!

Sorry for this dark picture. My kiddos LOVE this game. They each get a snowball stick. I say a word, or sometimes I have a student say the word, and then they have to be the first one to whack it and read it. If they get it right they get to keep it. Let me tell you, you give some second graders sticks and tell them to whack stuff and they are ENGAGED!

Up next, we have our Polar Animal Passages.

We also have these separated. Now, we put the three Poles passages together because really if you are teaching about the South Pole then you probably want to teach about the North Pole…it makes sense to us.


Here’s what’s so great about these passages. Not only do we have animals but we also have passages about the North and South Poles. So if you are teaching about polar animals you can also teach about the habitats.

Here are the activities that are included in this packet, in addition to the regular activities that are included in all packets:)

These are animal fact cards, like baseball cards.

                                    Front                                                                 Back

Do you think my polar bear looks like a polar frog???? It didn’t really turn out the way I thought…you get the idea. This is a chance for the students to write down important facts about all the animals in the passages.

This is our draw and label page. This is great for including habitat into your animal studies as well as vocabulary. Plus, anytime the kiddos are allowed to draw is exciting for them…it’s the little things:)

Finally, our last set is called Freedom’s Heroes. This is a mini-bundle that includes Martin Luther King Jr., Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks. We also included compare and contrast pages in both Venn diagram and T-Chart form. We also added a writing prompt where students can write about their dreams for our world.

Now, ALL of our passage sets are leveled from A – I. So for each title there are 6 levels. The passages are the same, just the difficulty increases. This is what makes them so great for small groups. They are easy to use with each level you may have. They provide the same information at each child’s level. Talk about differentiation!


Since we are so close to MLK day we are putting our level F/G Martin Luther King Jr. passage and the accompanying text dependent question page as a freebie/sneak peek to you:) Click on the picture OR click here or here.

For the rest of this passage set, including the Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks passages you can click on the passage set cover or click here. In fact, you can click on the covers of any of these passages to be taken to that passage.

We hope that you enjoy these passages. They are a great way to emphasize the important vocabulary for each topic. At a school like ours, where there are a wide variety of level in each class, they allow you to give common instruction and information at the level each child needs.

I hope your week is fantastic and hey…I hear a three day weekend calling my name:)

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