Veteran’s Day and Place Value…Is it November already???

Hey everyone! Lindsey here.

Well…what a week! It was a rough week around these parts. With our area still struggling with the recent shooting at a local high school, conferences, a week of half days AND Halloween…I am pooped! I can’t believe it is already November!! These weeks are FLYING by and I am feeling behind. I am going to try and remember this in March when everything moves in slow motion!

Now that things are getting back to normal, we are going to have a normal and productive week:)

As we continue working on finishing our presentations from our research projects that we started last week…this week we are starting on Veteran’s Day. I have found some pretty awesome products that make teaching Veteran’s day a breeze!!


Home of the Brave by Teaching in High Heels is awesome! It has a mini book, writing prompts and so much more. Click on the picture or here to get it! The All About the Military Packet from A Teachable Teacher has passages on each branch of the military! SO GREAT!! It has many other things as well. Click the picture or here to get it:)

Now…we teach Veteran’s for a whole week (well a week and a day this year.) I teach about a branch a day. This year, we are using it while teaching about key details. We have a fabulous music teacher and she puts together the most AWESOME music assembly with our 5th graders for Veteran’s Day. The kiddos are asked to invite friends and family that are Veteran’s and we make a point to honor them. She also play Taps every year and I barely make it through without bawling!!  This is why I like to take my time teaching it. I like to make sure the kiddos have a really good understanding on why it is important to observe this day.

It wouldn’t be a good week without some good books:)

I am MOST excited about this book…

This is about a little girl who’s dad leaves to serve in Vietnam. It really shows a kid’s view on war and having a parent leave…heavy…but I think it will be good for the kiddos.

This week we are also going to start place value. I LOVE place value!! Look how organized I am!

THANK YOU PINTEREST!! Talk about genius!! Whoever put this idea on Pinterest…you are my hero!

Over the years I have built my place value resources BUT this year we have added another resource from Amy Lemons. Click here or the picture to snag this gem:)

Do you know how I spend my first few days….
That’s right! Building those numbers…over…and over…and over….and over again! It’s such a huge foundation for double digit addition and beyond that you just can’t rush this part:)

Well that’s a peek at my week! We are going to be busy little beavers this week!!

Now I’m off to work on some new passages and raid my daughter’s Halloween candy stash;) Hope you have a great week!


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      November 4, 2014 / 3:57 am

      Thank you so much! We will definitely check it out:)

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