Differentiation Made Easy: Leveled Quick Reads

Hey friends! Happy Sunday! Last week, I shared with you a super easy way to differentiate your content by using leveled reading passages. You can use them in whole group, reading groups or independently. To read more about this, click HERE.

Well, today I want to share with you another easy way to differentiate, by using leveled quick reads! Friends, I don’t have time to spend searching books and the internet trying to find different texts that students can read independently. Just like you, my life is busy and I need E.A.S.Y. in my life! So, to support the content that I am teaching and to provide my students texts about that content that they can independently use, I use leveled quick reads!

Leveled quick reads are sets of 5 leveled, short passages on a specific topic. Each quick read set comes in 6 levels, A – I. It’s already leveled!!! So easy!

Let’s talk prep…

I run the quick reads on cardstock and then slice them apart. They are made two to a page, so you can run a set through, slice in half, and you will have two complete quick read sets at that level. I like to make the covers in color and laminate them but, there is also a black and white cover you could just run on colored paper. Then, I hole punch the corners and ring. EASY!

For the practice booklets, this is what the students will use, I run them double sided and have the copier double staple the edge. Then I slice in half and I have already stapled booklets. Fast and easy!

How do I use them???

I keep them in my comprehension reading center. The students work on completing one page a day. They know which level of quick read to choose and they keep their booklet in their reading folder. I LOVE using these for centers because they can last well over a week. The students can read and support their understanding of our content area, all while practicing different reading strategies such as analyzing, inferring, making connections and summarizing.

Quick reads have different content than the leveled passages. So, you could be working on a spiders leveled passage in guided reading and then the students can be working independently on spiders quick reads during reading centers. Since they are all leveled, it is easy to make sure that students are working at their independent level. But, they are still working on the same content. Even if the students are at different levels, you could still have them working together because text is the same at every level, it is just the level of difficulty that changes.

Each quick read set also comes with a vocabulary picture dictionary that students can use to help them with the content words that may be tricky for them.

Differentiation can be daunting and time consuming! Friends, it doesn’t have to be that way! Check our Leveled Reading Passages and Leveled Quick Reads and let them do the differentiation for you!

I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your Sunday and great success differentiating for all of your students!!

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