Five For Friday!

Happy Friday friends! I don’t know where you are in your back to school journey, but this is the end of our last full week of summer. Back to work on Wednesday, hopefully, for us! Let’s kick this weekend off with a little Five for Friday!

Well…this is a bargaining year for us. Things haven’t been going well and have stalled:( We started our week attending the school board meeting to show our support for our bargainers. Let’s hope we get some movement! We are supposed to go back on the 31st but they haven’t bargained it yet! Yikes! Also, you can see that this would have been a good time to have a selfie stick!

Anyone with young children knows that your kids always want to do what you’re doing. Well, we set up a badminton net in our backyard. My daughter is obsessed and she’s getting pretty good at it! But here’s the thing, sometimes you just want to play with an adult…you know…have a real battle and competition. Well, we solved our that problem! These birdies light up! So, now we play at night after the kiddos go to bed. Genius!

We also went to Boeing Family Day this week. It’s a pretty fun time! My son LOVES airplanes so he was super excited to see all the big airplanes up close. My daughter was fascinated by the factory and how many airplanes they can fit in that building! My mom and I however….we weren’t nearly as impressed with the airplanes as we were with meeting this guy!!!
This is DAN WILSON!! Friends!! Talk about a major fan girl moment! Now, you may not know who Dan is, I mean how could you not?!?!? But, he was the catcher for the Seattle Mariners and he is awesome! He played back in the day with Ken Griffey Jr. and Edgar Martinez and we were SUPER excited to meet him!!

This year we adopted a new ELA curriculum!! YAY! Finally!! This is my 9th year and it will be the first year that I have had a curriculum that aligns to the standards. Along with that goes A LOT of planning. We’ve gotten our manuals for reading but not for writing. So, here I am with my writing manual on one computer and Amy Lemon’s and Hope King’s Write On! unit on the other computer. Talk about serious planning!

We just finished and posted our latest set of quick reads. Friends…these are awesome! These have saved my differentiated literacy centers! I put all the quick reads on a ring and put copies of the response booklets in my comprehension tub. The kiddos go to the tub, grab a response book and a set of quick reads that’s at their level. BINGO! If you are interested in these bad boys, you can click HERE or on either picture.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend filled with fun and rest!


    • 2 Literacy Teachers
      September 2, 2016 / 7:02 am

      Thank you so much Sue!

  1. Unknown
    August 26, 2016 / 11:12 pm

    Hello Kristin and Lindsey, I enjoyed reading about your week! Your set up with double computers is unreal! Hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend!
    All the Best, Tess
    Miss Tess' Classroom Blog

    • 2 Literacy Teachers
      September 2, 2016 / 7:03 am

      Hello Tess!

      The double monitors is so awesome! I love it! Hope you have a great year:)

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