Poetry and Oceans!!

Happy Tuesday friends!! I have had such a productive day, I am feeling pretty great right now. Plus, I just finished watching Married at First Sight, which always puts me in a better mood AND next week is the final episode. If you haven’t watched…you need to!!!

Anywhoo…..on to poetry. My last few posts have told you that we are knee-deep in our ocean unit. While we are still working on our research projects, we have spent the week working on poetry. Each day we learn about a different ocean animal, read a poem and write our OWN poems.

Our room is being taken over by ocean creatures!!!! Let’s take a closer look!

We started off with this anchor chart, thank you Pinterest and whoever originally made this:) We talked about what we already knew about poems, and what we see when we read poems. I shared a few Shel Silverstein poems, just because they are my favorite.

Then we moved onto sharks and acrostic poems. This awesome project comes from the amazing Amy Lemons and you can get it here.

I always start with a poem about our topic. The students take turns being the “teacher” so we can group read the poem while they point. We know A LOT about sharks so this was the easiest poem to start with.

We have also done crabs, octopus’, hermit crabs, deep sea fish and jellyfish.

I don’t know where this cute crab came from. I got it from another team mate. Isn’t it super cute?? We made shape poems on our crabs after we studied them.

These hermit crabs came from a book I got from my mom. They slide in and out of their shell!!! Super-cute!! We also read A House for Hermit Crab to go along with this project which inspired their creativity when decorating their shells.

When we learned about the octopus we created listing poems. We also watched this video on YouTube. It’s a diver that filmed an octopus taking his camera. We had to do a little fast forwarding, there is a caption that isn’t really appropriate, but if you fast-forward past it the kiddos don’t even know.  It was great:)

Let me tell you…I could not find an deep sea poem. Do you have one???? We read a deep sea book but we didn’t have a poem to read as a group. The kiddos worked on couplets to go with this deep sea project. 
We still have many projects to go. Seahorses are on deck tomorrow and sea turtles the next day. These last days are filled with so many projects! Anything to keep them engaged…
If you are looking for some ocean themed passages that you can use as a whole group, or even for homework in these last few days and weeks, check out our Under the Sea passages set
I hope you all are having a fantastic week:)


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      Thank you!!

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