Five For Friday

A Happy Friday to you, teacher friends!  Hope it is going great!  We are starting off with an interesting Friday!  It is a half-day.  But this morning…the school is doing an evacuation drill.  Yep….all 800+ students and all staff are marching down the street three blocks to a church.  Whew!  I’m pooped just thinking about it!  So let’s move on and think of something a little more fun, shall we?  Howzabout a Five For Friday with our friend at Doodlebugs Teaching!  Oh yeah!

So…we have a new evaluation system this year.  That’s probably ’nuff said right there, but I’ll explain.  It seems that NO ONE knows exactly how things are supposed to look.  Which means the teachers are just a teeny tiny bit anxious….and when I say teeny tiny I really mean A LOT anxious.  It is also observation time.  So one day last week all the teacher talk was about how they could show that they were being successful on all the criteria on the new evaluation system.  Eek!  So a little  later in the day….one of my sweet third graders said to me……”I like your scarf.  Do you HAVE to wear a scarf when you’re a teacher?”  Well… all know how whackadoodle my sense of humor is.  That got me to thinking about what REALLY makes you a successful teacher.  Is it all the criteria on the new eval system written by experts…..or is it maybe something else?!  Well you and I know it is something else!  So let’s see how successful you are as a teacher.  Here is the TRUE criteria for being a successful teacher.

You MUST wear scarves.  See?……All the successful teachers do!  Aren’t they the sweetest? These are some of the teachers I am blessed to work with.  They are super successful and they ALL wear scarves!  So there you go!  Scarves are a necessity!

You MUST carry at least one of these babies ’cause we all know that teachers are powered by Starbucks!!  No Starbucks – No  Teacher Power!


You are obessed with markers…so much so that you organize them just-so in cute little containers to match your style or personality.  See?   These collections belong to the most HIGHLY successful teachers I know!

You go home and find these stuck in random places all over your body!  All successful teachers use and “wear” stickers!  Oh yeah…you know you do!

Your stockpile of sticky notes is legendary!  AND…you have the cutest varieties, too!  Yep!  That’s a for sure!

So there you go!  Forget those fancy schmancy expert-written evaluations!  Just go by this checklist and you will be the most successful teacher around! I guarantee it!
Have a great weekend everyone!  Ten more school days for us until break!  We can do this!


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  1. Kari W.
    December 10, 2014 / 6:13 am

    I love this evaluation system!!

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