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Hi everyone!  Kristin here.

So tomorrow’s the almost big day at our school!  It’s “Meet the Teacher” day!  Then Wednesday is THE big day…..Go time……They’re back……First Day of School!  Woohoo!  It’s been a fantastic summer, but I can’t wait to see the kiddos and get back to routines!

I know lots of you have been sharing your back to school dreams…..ya know….the kind where you are standing in front of your new class and the kids are out of control?  Well….for those of us who are reading intervention teachers…the dreams are a little bit different! Mine kinda goes like this….

T’was the night  before school starts
And while snug in my bed….
Visions of screening assessments,
Danced in my head!
DRA, sight words, phonemic awareness too….
All kept dancing and I just wanted them to shoo!

You see….while our amazing teachers are busy teaching their sweeties all about routines…we spend the first weeks doing screening assessments!  It is something I just love because we get to see the returning kiddos and meet all the new ones too!  We have over 800 students K-5 in our school so it takes awhile and “all hands on deck” to get the screening assessments done, but it also gives us a wonderful way to connect with the sweeties again!

So where does all of this happen for me?  In my teeny tiny office!  It’s all of about 8 feet by 8 feet, but I like to think even though it is tiny…..mighty things happen there in the way of reading successes!  Here’s a peek at my teeny tiny office.

Desk Area – Love the shelf above my desk!  It holds ALL of my data notebooks nicely, don’t you think?

Book and Word Work Bins – What’s that you ask?  Why yes…those curtains hide a plethora of books!

White Board – Divided into grade levels where I list their learning targets.

Focus Wall and Goals on the Door  – Each kiddo has a clip that they move as they work their way up the reading levels and goals.   (Ignore the yellow and green door hanger taggie thingies hanging on the wall.  Those are for lockdowns……I meant to take them out of the picture…oops!)

So that’s the ten cent tour of my teeny tiny room!

Hope you have a wonderful year!   Happy Teaching!

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