So I have been teaching at my school for the past 6 years, all of which have been in the same classroom, which was a portable. Now, portables aren’t that bad. Ours are pretty new and a pretty good size. However, ours are really far from our building. It goes building, then playground, then portables. Not only are they far away they are in the middle of a sand field. Dust, dust and more dust! Have I mentioned that we live in Washington state? Do you know what Washington has a lot of??????? RAIN. You know what you get when you mix rain and a sand field? A big muddy mess! Let’s just say I have gone through many shoes walking back and forth these last 6 years. FINALLY this year we get to move in the building!!!! (Insert happy dance here) This means I get to set up a new classroom! YAY! Here are some “Before” pictures to give you an idea.

So now I have to start the process of setting up my room. Normally I hate coming to school in the summer. I try to enjoy the time away and I don’t come back until August. BUT this is hanging over my head. So I have to finish. Up until now I haven’t had much time to spend here but now I am ready.

This is how far I have gotten. Also, notice that there is no T.V. in this picture!! They came and took it out! I HATE hanging T.V’s! I am 6 feet tall and I can’t tell you how many times I have hit my head on a hanging T.V! That is also the reason there is a huge patch on my wall. 
I plan to go back in this week and get most of my room set up, fingers crossed! I have come to notice that now that I am in the building, and close to everyone, it’s hard to get work done. Too busy chatting it up!!!

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